What is going on in Tarifa in the month of May 2016

Every morning: Visit to the farm to see the Payoyo Goats, opportunity to milk the goat, see how the cheese is made, cheese tasting and shop. 

From 10_11.30h 8€ adults and 3 € children

Every Monday: Canyoning in Marbella (beginners) 40€ or Gaucin (advanced) 60€. Min 2 people

Every Tuesday: Visit and climb to the Cueva del Moro and to the Altar Ranchiles. Max 4 people. Includes the transfer from 10_13h 50€

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Guided visit to the "Neocropolis de los Algarbes" with transfer in 4 x 4 vehicle. Meeting point Tourist Office, La Alameda, 12€

Every Day: Guided tour of the "Dolmenes de la Caheruelas" with transfer in 4 x 4 vehicle. Meeting Poitn, Tourist office on the Alameda, 15€. Morning and afternoon.

Every Wednesday: Guided visit of Baelo Claudia, Roman Archaelogical Ruins in Bolonia. Meeting point Baelo Claudia. No charge. 

Monday to Friday: Visit to the "Isla de las Palomas" Tarifa Island 2h. If you are interested please make an appointment at the tourist office 72h in advance. 10€ per person

Monday to Friday: Guided tours of Baelo Claudia 4h, includes transfer 15€ per person

Monday to Friday: Walking tours in the Bay of Gibraltar, includes transfer 20€ per person

Every Sunday: Bicycle trips from the Repsol Petrol Station at 9.30h. For more information see Facebook Union Ciclista Tarifa

or call +34 677 113 673

Sun 1 May: Family walk in Bolonia 10-15h. 4km Free tour.

                        Ruta de la necropolis in Algarbes, includes 4x4 transport to the Necropolis. Meeting Point Tourist Office 20€

                         Mountain bike trail 10h, 3/4 hours. Meeting Point 27€

Mon 2 May: Walking in the Forest of Niebla - Tajo de las Escobs. From 9:30 - 14:30. Dificulty Med/Difficult

Sat 7 May: Paddlesurf Course 11h 2/3h Meeting Point Tourist Office 25€ per person

                        Walking and yoga session in the Natural Cork Forest from 10:30 - 14:30. Low intensity. 12€ adults / 6€ children

Sun 8 May: Quad Trail 11h. Meeting point Tourist Office 30€ duration 1 hour. 

Sun 8 & 22 May: Visit to the "Bacinete" caves in the Natural Park. 10-13h. Low intensity 5km. Free Tour

Sat 14 May: Climbing course, 10h, 2-3h duration. Meeting point Tourist office 36€.

Sun 15 & 29 May: Whale watching 12-16h. 2 hour duration. Meeting point Turmares Offices. 18€ adults and 12€ children and retirees

Sun 29 May: Paddlesurf Course 11h, 2_3h duration. Meeting Point Tourist Office 25€

Sat 21 May: Walking Route "La Cruz del Romero" Natural Park 9.00_15h. High intensity 16km. Free Tour. Sat Mountain bike trail 10h, 3_4h duration. Meeting point Tourist Office Free Tour. 

                          Mountainbike route 10h. 2_3 hrs. Meeting point Tourist office 27€

Sun 22 May: Climbing course, 10h, 2_3h duration. Meeting point Tourist office 36€

Sat 28 May: Quad Trail, Meeting point 11h, 1h duration. 30€

Sun 29 May: Kitesurfing course 11h. 2_3hrs. Meeting point Tourist Office. 25€ 


Oficina Municipal de Turismo, Paseo de la Alameda, Tarifa

Telf: +34 956 68 09 93

Email: turismo@aytotarifa.com